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What We Offer

Every amazing Cape Cod and or South DennisBrewster, Orleans, Chatham, Harwich, Yarmouth Port or Barnstable home starts with a very good plan. The design and planning stage must be done with care and precision. We have our own in house architect that will help execute this plan. The design and planning stage must be done with care and precision. We have our own in-house architect to help execute this plan. Once the plan is drawn out and the building process begins, Custom Crafted Homes will take you to the finish line. The result will be an extraordinary place to call home. 

When offering a design and build solution to a new project, Custom Crafted Homes considers all of Cape Cod's iconic and traditional elements available. We value our customers as though they are family and want to share Cape Cod's rich architectural history with them when they are considering a design and build with us.

Many of us adore Cape Cod style houses but do you know where the design elements got their start? Puritan carpenters brought this iconic style to America and focused on strong building materials to help withstand the harsh climates. This is why more traditional Cape homes feature large solid wooden doors for example. Like many homes over the years, they have shifted from small, quaint homes, too much larger dwellings. There are a few key elements to Cape Cod style kitchens that still hold their chic-ness today. Pastel color palettes are undeniable in a Cape Cod style home, think of blues, greens and yellow to capture the classic Cape feel. Wood floors are also historic features in Cape Cod homes, this is unmissable addition. Since Cape Cod homes used to be very small and quaint, storage was a key player and you'll see the design element carry over even today.



Design & Build is a concept of home construction, remodeling and renovation. Custom Crafted Homes works under a single contract with you, the owner, to provide design and construction services. This approach allows us to manage the design and construction teams efficiently, while utilizing the best designers, builders, and subcontractors. Unlike the traditional design/bid/modify/bid approach, design/build provides our team with an overview that optimizes our use of resources, reduces the timeline of delivery, and saves you money. Great communication between you, the owner, and our project leader is key to a successful design/build project. We are here to design and build a home that meets your high expectations.


Custom Crafted Homes has considerable experience with this service. As a result, we use only the most respected equipment brands along with trusted material providers. We offer professional and experienced help with your projects while helping to match your unique needs and budget. We strive to provide great customer service and clear communication so you can understand the progress of your job during every phase. 

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Let our team of experts take care of your next project. Call us today and let’s get started!


Project: Remodel or Renovate One or More Rooms

"Jeff and his team did a complete condominium renovation for me on Cape Cod. Jeff was very responsive when I needed him and his team received rave reviews from my fellow owners for their friendliness and consideration while onsite. The place came out better than I could have imagined thanks to Jeff and his team's attention to detail. He continues to be responsive for small “punch-list items" even now that work is completed. I will use CCH again in the future for similar projects.”


- Jack Cockerill, Provincetown MA

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